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Sitecore get media item url

The Sitecore Redirect Manager offers 3 different types of redirects that can be implemented and used by Editors and Admins within the CMS: Item Redirect - Point requests made to any Sitecore item with a URL to a new destination (a different Sitecore item, an external URL, or a media item). Target link inherits your link manager settings and customizations.

Reason. Sometimes it's useful to resolve the SiteContext matching a given URL manually, e.g. when you don't want to change the current site context by using the standard Sitecore.Pipelines.HttpRequest.SiteResolver, or when working in a part of a solution where site context resolving isn't handled by the Sitecore httpRequestBegin-pipeline.. Since Sitecore allows the use of wildcards in ...
sc_itemid: specifies the Sitecore Item for the current request. Only if the ID can be found through Sitecore.Context.Database.GetItem() is Sitecore.Context.Item set to that Item. Ignored if Sitecore.Context.Item has been set in a previous processor. xmlcontrol: specifies that a Sitecore xmlcontrol should be used as the layout for rendering.
The Publishing Service does not use any of the features, pipelines, and settings in the current publishing system, it is an entirely new way of publishing Sitecore items and media. Sitecore has launched Publishing Service Module 1.1 along with Sitecore 8.2. Latest version of publishing service available on Sitecore website is Sitecore ...
The HttpRequestProcessor subclass above — after ascertaining the aliases feature is turned on, and the item linked in the requested alias is a media library item — gets the absolute URL for the media library item, and sets it on the FilePath property of the Sitecore.Context.Page instance — this is exactly how the "out of the box ...
Jul 08, 2015 · Sitecore Media Library -> Cloud. By default all of Sitecore’s images are stored in the database, and retrieved on the fly when an image is requested via the media library. There are definitely reasons why this is a bad idea, and can be improved upon, and much has been written on the web about how to move Sitecore’s images from the database ...
In our case I will present the Glass Mapper model generation for Sitecore Content Serialized items. 1. Tool installation. To install the tool at your solution root you need to execute the following command: dotnet tool install --no-cache Leprechaun.Cli. You should get a message in case of success like the following: 2.
Once the deployment of the Sitecore Quick Start is complete, you have a default installation of Sitecore XP 9.3 in your AWS account. Your custom Sitecore site must then be deployed to the Sitecore roles. Any media for your site (for example, pictures and videos) should be stored within an S3 bucket and referenced within the website's code.
If you worked with Sitecore Analytics before, you must have come across Top downloads report under behavior tab, this report shows the assets that your contacts have downloaded the most from your website. but sometimes you may get a request from your client to get more information and control over this report, like as example, sort, filter, or maybe show all assets not only the top ones.
Sitecore also provides some other renderings such as item rendering, method rendering, and url rendering, which we will not cover in this book as they are easy to understand, rarely get used, and serve for very specific requirements.
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Important Sitecore concepts and definitions Alias - Provides an alternative (shorter) URL for a page. Content Item - A Sitecore item that contains information or media that will appear on the published website. Content Tree - The Content Tree is a hierarchical view of the content in the Sitecore
# Publish the Corlate.Feature.PageContent project. # Add a controller rendering. Switch to CMS and in the content tree, and create a controller rendering Footer under the Page Content rendering folder.. In its Controller field, enter the fully qualified name of the controller - Corlate.Feature.PageContent.Controllers.FooterController,Corlate.Feature.PageContent
Sitecore keyboard shortcuts allows you to create hot keys to quickly complete common tasks in Sitecore. New Features for November! Paste to item If you have an Item Id or Path copied to your clipboard just press paste Ctrl + v in the Content Editor and that item will be loaded!
Examples for managing item referrers maintained by the Link Database.
This field contains the result URL. It leverages the native Sitecore MediaManager.GetMediaUrl method for media items to get the item URL. When the item is not a media item, this fields starts by defining the current website context. It uses the indexed item Paths.FullPath property and tries to find a website definition which has the same ...
The Layout Service will now output a media URL and a number of media item metadata fields when serializing File fields. The Import Service will now import media items for File fields, and will set additional metadata fields on the media item if provided. A new File helper component has been introduced in sitecore-jss-react.
Have a 3rd party connector trying to use the Web API 1.2 to insert media items in to Sitecore. We are on Sitecore 9 and all the URLs are throwing a 404. The URLs start with "/-/item/v1/". It looks like it was actively developed until 7.1 but was replaced by Item Web API v2.
I was working with a customer who had no real .Net expertise, but needed to get up and running quickly with Sitecore. The concepts of MVC were familiar to the customer, so it made sense to introduce them to Sitecore ViewRenderings and all that can be done without compiling any custom code in Visual Studio. Sitecore ViewRenderings connect with Sitecore content to define a Model item by ...
Oct 22, 2014 · SPA with Sitecore Item Web API. Building a Single Page Application where we need content from Sitecore, the Sitecore Item Web API is a perfect option. We’re able to access our Sitecore instance via GET requests, obtaining Sitecore items serialized as JSON.